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The curriculum of the Faculty comprises three educational levels; the first level includes three years of undergraduate studies, the second level – two years of graduate studies, and, finally, the third level consists of specialized art studies and doctoral research. Although the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade has been developed as a traditional fine arts academy, with the Departments of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Art, it is also open to the new sensibilities of modern art processes. The introduction of a new subject- Intermedia Art- is the first step towards opening a new Department.

The curriculum of the Faculty is based on research activities in the visual medium, supported by theoretical subjects in the field of humanities and natural sciences. Students are encouraged to develop their own creative abilities within the seemingly conservative disciplines of painting, sculpture and graphic art. Their continuous exploration inspires their curiosity, encompassing all areas and phenomena of life.

Classes are mostly based on practical work. The main subjects are Drawing, Painting, Graphic Art and Sculpting. Students practice the traditional drawing of human figure and life-size composition. Analytical drawing is done from observation of a live model in the form of a portrait or nude. The main goal is to master studious observation, execution, proportions of the model and the perspective of the scene. Investing effort in achieving a good aesthetic and creative result is also considered important. In addition to the mentioned big format studies, students simultaneously work on a series of smaller drawings that support the work on the main theme. After acquiring technical and technological skills, students are encouraged to deepen and broaden their individual visual articulation. In that regard, students are encouraged to develop their own visual poetics and their personal iconography.

At the end of each academic year, the Faculty organizes exhibitions of students’ works, which are open to the public. They include a selection of students’ works completed during the entire academic year, occupying almost the entire space of the Faculty. The earned diploma is only the beginning of a creative cycle and offers a wide specter of possibilities.

It is, therefore, quite understandable that numerous former students of the Faculty have realized their creative potential, not only as artists and educators, but also in other areas, such as literature, advertising, marketing, applied arts, film, photography, etc. Such diversity is the result of continuous research into the visual, humanistic and natural aspects of natural forms and life.

The profile of the Faculty has been developed and perfected over the decades. In view of the fact that the Faculty promotes internationally recognizable values, there is a long list of foreign students who have found our Faculty interesting. The Faculty has hosted and educated students from France, Spain, Greece, Iraq, Germany, India, Austria, etc. By joining the Association of the European Art Schools, the Faculty has been able to improve its international position. Also, since we implemented the Bologna Process in 2007, our international cooperation with our old and new partners has had a powerful impact on our development – through international exhibitions, workshops, or faculty and student exchange programmes.

The Faculty comprises five buildings, a rich library and two galleries, as well as two separate organizational units – the Centre for Printmaking and Visual Research and the Centre for Artistic Foundry.

The main aim of the studies is to prepare experts for creative, responsible and individual work in contemporary art practice and to teach them the necessary skills through traditional and contemporary technological procedures. The curriculum places particular emphasis on the development of analytical and critical thinking. The programme is essentially aimed at improving and enriching students’ development, as well as their further personal and professional progress and active participation in cultural and artistic events.

Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts

Belgrade, Serbia

Site: www.flu.bg.ac.rs

Contact: dekanat@flu.bg.ac.rs